Business Process Outsourcing

One right tool is the whole solution

Together we can take ‘Best in Class’ to higher levels and reach new targets. See our presentation video on the right.

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Skilled employees working to the highest standards

It takes skilled employees and high standards to lift ‘Best in Class’ to new heights and create attractive outsourcing solutions. Elfac has already achieved this. And that is why we can simplify production and storage handling as well as saving many resources for our customers.

Define – Design – Deliver

Elfac has implemented our most important tool, ‘Define – Design – Deliver’ in the entire organisation. That gives us a shared starting point and ensures that we use all our resources on creating solutions that benefit our customers.

Visit the engine room

For Elfac, Business Process Outsourcing is much more than just a method. It is an attitude to task solving that makes our customers more competitive.

Have a look into the engine room and see how we contribute to quality improvement and cost efficiency at our customers both nationally and abroad.

Training, systems and quality everywhere you look

Elfac has its own academy where our employees are trained to ensure they all use the same working method regardless of where and with what they work.

We adhere to international standards and have incorporated them in our own BPO concept to be able to deliver “harness without the hassle” in the correct volume and the required finish.

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