For a number of years, Elfac has been cooperating with Terma on the production and production development of power and signal cables for their radar systems. This joint effort has evolved from being a conventional supplier relationship to a true partnership, where Elfac is an active part of Terma’s product development.

Jens Husted, Purchasing and Logistics Director at Terma explains: “As part of Terma’s outsourcing strategy, we have shifted these production tasks to cooperative partners who have proven competences and the willingness to solve tasks more efficiently, and more cost-effectively than we can ourselves.”

“Elfac has gradually solved more and more complex tasks for us, and is able to contribute to design and development with their invaluable domain knowledge. They supply customised cables for virtually all of our radar systems, and are involved in the design phase on a new radar we are working on.”

On Terma’s own supplier evaluation scale, Elfac scores 99.6, and has thus been approved as a supplier until 1st June 2018.

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