Technical tools

Technical tools

In the product approval phase, Elfac utilises a number of technical tools to ensure that the product meets the required standards and quality.


In ordinary language, APQP – which stands for “Advanced Product Quality Planning”, is a method which has been developed by the automotive industry to cover all aspects of a task, from components to processes. What is meant here more specifically, is up-front analysis that provides an overview of any critical factors that might affect the production of a product.

The result of this analysis also provides input for the control plan.


The automotive industry’s Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) forms the basis of a Part Submission Warrant (PSW). This provides a systematic review of the essential basic elements that are necessary to document that a product can be manufactured on the background of stable processes. The PPAP documentation is closely related to the work with Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP.)

The First Article Inspection (FAI) is the aerospace industry’s measure of approval, equivalent to PPAP.


FMEA is an analytical tool which identifies potential risks in a process. Elfac has used Process FMEA since 2012 to evaluate risk in our processes and, essentially, to prioritise the actions needed to ensure that unstable processes are placed back under control. FMEA is a dynamic method that uses data collection to assess risks.

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