The first phase, DEFINE, involves providing a thorough consultation service that ensures optimal specifications for the assignment.


The first part of the DESIGN phase entails the development of prototypes, allowing us to ensure that product requirements and processes are fully met.


Production of the 0 series only begins when the prototype is developed enough to be tested in production.


DELIVER is the phase where both the approved quality and precision in delivery become hallmarks of the series production.


Production of the 0 series is the final part of the DESIGN phase. The 0 series is launched only when the prototype has fulfilled each specified requirement and is therefore developed enough to be tested. In the 0 series, we test that the production proceeds as planned, and the cable configuration functions as it should in the final product the customer receives.

In addition to the test and possible adjustments to the product, the aim of 0 series production is to ensure everything is ready for series production and can be produced as planned at the right volume, and on time. All aspects of the production planning is carried out with advanced IT tools that assist with, amongst other things, ensuring complete end-product traceability, as well as reliable delivery for our customers.

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Elfac uses the method: “the Elfac Way”, which quite simply consists of three phases: DEFINE-DESIGN-DELIVER. The method ensures effective processes and minimises misinterpretations, errors and inefficient deliveries, which are typical reasons for misjudged solutions and poor quality.

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