The first phase, DEFINE, involves providing a thorough consultation service that ensures optimal specifications for the assignment.


The first part of the DESIGN phase entails the development of prototypes, allowing us to ensure that product requirements and processes are fully met.


Production of the 0 series only begins when the prototype is developed enough to be tested in production.


DELIVER is the phase where both the approved quality and precision in delivery become hallmarks of the series production.


When you work together with Elfac on cable assembly, we begin in the DEFINE phase, where we work together towards finding the optimal specifications for the job. As a result of our high expertise in the field, we will ask the right questions to affirm which demands and standards the cable assembly has to meet in order to function faultlessly for your end product.

The earlier that Elfac is involved in the developmental process, the more knowledge and experience we can contribute. Our advice is never one-way communication, but a form of mutual sparring and clarification that ensures that your solution matches the necessary demands. The advice you receive therefore assists in setting the course, and helps you to avoid the pitfalls that increases expenses, or which delay the development process.

In the DEFINE phase, our work is based on a series of tools for risk analysis, and with a background in our certifications, which are amongst the most stringent in the branch. Read more in the following menu items.

Elfac uses the method: “the Elfac Way”, which quite simply consists of three phases: DEFINE-DESIGN-DELIVER. The method ensures effective processes and minimises misinterpretations, errors and inefficient deliveries, which are typical reasons for misjudged solutions and poor quality.

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