Quality management has always been at the top of the agenda at Elfac, and for this reason we were one of the very first companies in Denmark to be certified in ISO 9000. Since then, we have been awarded several other certificates, which provide our customers with a guarantee of an efficient process and a zero defect product.

ISO 9001

Elfac acquired its ISO 9000 certification in 1993, and this has since been upgraded. Elfac’s current processes and workflows are now based on the latest ISO 9001 quality standard. This means that we conduct continuous random tests and process monitoring, and we constantly work on new improvement projects.


To further enhance our efforts with quality, and to emphasise the fact that we are aiming for a zero-error culture, Elfac utilises several tools from TS16949, which is the automotive industry’s expanded and stringent version of ISO 9001. This specification requires extensive documentation of all details of the production process, from ideas/development, to logistics/delivery.


In cooperation with the Danish company HYTEK A/S, 18 of Elfac’s employees have been certified in the most widely-used industry standard for wire and cable assembly, IPC-WHMA-A-620.

The standard has been developed by IPC and the Wiring and Harness Manufacturers Association. IPC/WHMA-A-620 describes the approval criteria for wire and cable assembly, and is essential to ensure a consistent level of quality, a quality which can now be defined in an agreement between customers and suppliers.

Read more about IPC


UL means Underwriters Laboratories, and is an American organisation which works with product safety. As a specific quality standard within wire harnessing, since 2000, Elfac has been “UL listed” in both UL ZPFW-2 and UL ZPFW-8.

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