Delivery assurance

Delivery assurance

Supply Chain Management is the backbone of Elfac’s guarantee of reliable delivery. At the same time, we ensure sufficient measures are in place to further optimise logistics, production, sales and delivery. 

SCM prevents delays and bottlenecks

A detailed Supply Chain Management system ensures that Elfac has complete control of all phases, from the initial order through to delivery. This system is the core of Elfac’s guarantee of reliable delivery, and assures that effective tools are used for further optimisation of logistics, production, sales and delivery.

As part of Elfac’s Supply Chain Management, detailed and accurate forecasts are made. The analyses are an important prerequisite for enabling Elfac to offer very short lead times. The benefits for your business is that we can break orders down to component level, and therefore estimate the material demand in advance.

Based on this data, we then obtain commitments from our sub-contractors to supply the necessary components, for the required amounts, to be delivered at the right time. In this way, we avoid delivery delays due to lack of materials, or bottleneck issues with our sub-contractors.

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