Efficient procedures

Efficient procedures

Elfac’s adaptability is based on a strong production set-up, where employees’ technical electrical skills are combined with advanced equipment and intelligent logistics. All work processes are finely calibrated to ensure efficiency and secure quality. At the same time, short chains of command ensure that we quickly transform your orders into completed delivered products. 

Both LEAN and, in particular, Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) are targeted towards companies like Elfac, as we operate in a market where customers expect a whole range of product varieties, customised solutions and rapid lead times. They have large demands of the work process, organisation and adaptability.

Since 2005, Elfac has systematically mapped and streamlined workflows and the organisation, based on the LEAN philosophy.

In parallel, Elfac has been inspired by the LEAN variant of QRM to segment all production tasks into product families, and has dedicated work groups for each product family to ensure that lead times are met.

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