Elfac Academy

Elfac Academy

At Elfac, we have a constant focus on our employees’ competence development. This focus has resulted in the development of the Elfac Academy. The Academy ensures that our employees are trained systematically in all processes within cable and wiring assembly.

By establishing the Elfac Academy, we have discarded the term “unskilled”, because in our opinion such a term does not reflect the actual competence and responsibility levels our production staff possess. Instead, we have chosen to use the term “process workers”. 

Systematic training

The background for systematic training is very clear: if Elfac is to meet its goal of delivering high quality on time, it stands to reason that each employee must be ready to take responsibility for their own task, and that they possess the necessary electrical knowledge and technical competences to undertake the task.

Consequently, Elfac ensures that its employees gain continuous competence development through on-site training and relevant courses provided by the Elfac Academy.

Competence development is recorded onto the individual employee’s personal skills card, which contains the data which shows precisely the tasks the employee has been trained to undertake.

Where the Elfac Academy describes how processes must be performed, the IPC-WHMA-A-620 contains the standard approval criteria for quality workmanship.

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