Vision and mission

Vision and mission

Mission statement

Since its establishment in 1987, Elfac’s core concept has been:  small series products of high complexity.


Elfac – taking the best in the class to higher levels

  • Strong system of quality management (ISO 9001, IPC etc.)
  • Competence development that can be measured against the “best in the class”
  • The best logistics and IT solutions that ensure agility
  • Early involvement in customer projects, from initial idea phases, to series production


Cable and Wire Harness without the hassle

  • Within its niche, Elfac is ready to eliminate all the problems that customers are ready to outsource, both the technical and logistic issues
  • Elfac develops new solutions and services, eg. prepares documentation, box build assembly etc.
  • Elfac has a constant focus on the customer’s experience of receiving goods
  • Elfac has a continual focus on optimising processes



Elfac operates from the method we call “the Elfac Way”, which consists of three phases: DEFINE-DESIGN-DELIVER. Early involvement is essential to gain the full benefits of the method.

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